Our Company

The company was founded in 2003 with the objective of manufacturing and marketing promotional, business gifts and personal protective equipment inside and outside Greece.

The company consistently follows the basic philosophy for an integrated and responsible provision of products and services aimed for all professionals.

We have succeeded in recent years to ensure partnerships throughout Greece with famous foreign companies, being members of an international trade organization.

Our company  “KOVA ADVERTISING” characterized by a dynamic personality and applying high quality standards, modern methods of marketing and excellent quality products.


Our company operates in the field of business gift since 2003. Consistency in service and quality standard have established at the forefront of the market, securing partnerships with very good results.

With long experience in the field of promotional gifts and prints we guarantee our customers the correct and responsible support by undertaking market research that aims the best product at the best price and in all the following areas .

Department orders:

A  sales team is always available  to help you and advise you to choose the right promotional product for your business.

Creative department:

Our creative department of our company will find ways for the correct and smart advertisement of your business.

Department of Printing:

A group of fully trained people in printings manages your order.

Services Website - E-shop - Hosting:

Our company Kova Advertising in collaboration with the company Design Spirits 

offer comprehensive web design services using the most inspiring, contemporary styles tools on the internet.

Dynamic websites, which after our training you can manage on your own,
without having any special knowledge.